Welcome to Artists Networks

Artist is a special profession. You do what you love and (hopefully) make a living doing what you enjoy immensely. Unfortunately making a living from arts is not a simple thing. Besides talents and skills there are other practical, commercial issues that you have to deal with. You are your own company, your own brand. Like any company or brand you have to market your brand to the public. Most artists probably shiver at the mentioning of the word "marketing". "We are creative people, not business people" would be an expected and reasonable response. However the marketing/promotion task MUST be done for you to be a successful artist. Please check our marketing for artists section for tips and resources to get your name and artwork out to the world.

Artists Networks is designed to be the "virtual" meeting place for visual artists from all walks of life; professional artists and Sunday painters alike. The plural form of Network signifies that this is not just a single network of professional artists but a fusion of networks of hobbyists, novice and seasoned artists. Besides the resources on the technical aspects of drawing and painting that you can find at Artists Networks we hope to receive and share your tips, your source of inspiration, your struggles and triumphs. Your comments and suggestions on how to make the web site more useful are much appreciated.