ABOUT THE ARTIST Drew Struzan is not well known for his surname. He simply signed his paintings with his first name and that is the name that the public knows. His work has been associated with many blockbuster movies, probably the most well known are the Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Back to the future series. Drew was born in 1947 in Oregon City, Oregon. Drew’s earliest memory is of drawing a glass of water and handing it to his mother because he didn’t yet know how to ask for it. He was accepted at the Art Center School of Design in Los Angles in 1965. With little money he would forgo meals in order to buy paint and canvas. A break came when he got a job at the design studio Pacific Eye & Ear which specilized in album cover design. After two years  Drew left Pacific Eye & Ear and started producing movie posters for American International Pictures in partnership with a member of his church but the partnership went sour due to his partner’s greed. By that ttime Drew had earned a good reputation in the film industry. His involvement in the late 70s with the Star Wars film marked a significant change to Drew’s career. The huge success of the posters made him a star in his own right. BIO  | GALLERY  | ARTISTSNETWORKS